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Updated: Feb 13, 2018

I knew the setting was there, but hadn't investigated it until it appeared the obvious solution to today's dress problem.

I volunteered to help on the costumes team for the school musical - Anything Goes - back in the summer when days were long and bright, I was just back from maternity leave and whilst I was in school, I didn't really have that much work to do.

Fastforward a few months. I am now almost in charge of the costumes, it has been an odd step up!

A lot of our costumes are coming from hire, but this week did feature a little bit of panic buying. The director has decided to add a gorgeous swoopy romantic ballroom dance - and a dancer to 'I Get a Kick out of You'. This dress was found in the January sales for £35, the colour fits the overall palate

and the beading makes it 1920's enough to work, but it is way too long. A bit of an edit was required.

The fitting was worked out with the help of a few splodges of green board pen, hopefuly I'll have hacked off the right amount!

I checked out the settings for my overlocker - this webpage was super handy

Love this little machine! Set up as per instructions and ready to rock.

A quick practice and then the whole thing took about 20 minutes - actually trimming the overlaying tulle took far longer than running the overlocker round. I might never bother hemming anything again!

Here's the practice scrap - a little bit of leftover christmas fabric (the rest is the back of a quilt that I made as an act of insanity)

All tidy and finished.

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