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Grandma sent us a book.

Sally is always excited by post that is addressed to her, and a big book of activities was indeed an exciting thing to find when she got back from nursery. She immediately insisted on doing an experiment. We decided on the Glass Rainbows as it seemed colourful, not too complicated and I had everything we needed in the cupboard!

This is what it all ended up looking like - it was all pretty straightforward, you follow the instructions and see capillary action happening before your very eyes. I'm not sure that Sally now understands what capillary action means, but she did get to see pretty colours moving from one cup to another and now has a collection of multicoloured kitchen roll in her craft drawer!

Put food colouring and water in alternate cups around a circle with kitchen roll folded between them and wait to see what happens next.

Then wait and watch to see what happens next...

It sort of ended up looking like the picture in the book - Sally was pretty pleased anyway.

We'll try and do some other experiments in the next week, the unicorn rainbow noodles look like they might be fun, although making butter or bread might be a tiny bit more practical.

So thank you Grandma! The sparkly hat that Sally so loves and occasionally refuses to take off was also a present from Grandma - she is pretty good at finding things!

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