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I am playwright after all !

The show went really well. It's a bit of a weird experience watching your own words spoken and acted out - but it was also so much fun. The director had made it so alive - she had the boys owning the stage, contemporary music ringing out at intervals, as well as putting sections of the chorus in song. One of the DT teachers made an amazing Minotaur head as well as wings for Daedalus - they went over the heads of two little year sevens for each of them and then they all ran off across the playing fields holding hands, it was brilliant!

But seriously, it was so much fun to be part of a team that put all of it together. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the show and I got some lovely flowers and some chocolates too. The big bunch are from school for being playwright and in charge of costuming insanity ('wardrobe mistress' has a ring to it - right?) and the littles ones are from Jessie from her garden. She gave them to me right before the last show as a sort of good luck and well done. And yes, the big bunch are lovely and enormous, but these are from an actual friend's garden, hand picked and tied with love - so they're pretty awesome.

Talking about people coming together - I ended up needing some extra pieces for the Cretan royals who we'd dressed in Indian party clothes - watch out if you're buying things from Indian Wedding Sarees .com, they take rather longer than you might expect to arrive and the sizing is a little weird. I asked my neighbour whose sons I used to tutor if he could help, and he sent over a couple of shirts. Then, when there was a further issue with things not fitting, he arrived like a knight with a shining turban with an awesome coat we could use for King Minos. But the best bit was him deciding that the coat needed cleaning before we could use it, refusing to let me keep it and dropping it off all pressed and perfect for me at school the next day. People can be excellent.

The show is now all done (ish). I managed to clear the dining room table for the first time in a month - and then husband found the bags of tunics I left in the car to be washed and put them there. ARGH. I think I might hide them and worry about them in a month or so...

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