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(A couple of necklaces got busted during the show.)

Time to get the beading kit out - another present from the husband, but that was back in the days of being a carefree student in Glasgow. I hadn't made myself any jewelry for ages so it was fun to get the box of bits out.

It didn't take too long to fix either of the necklaces. This one only actually needed one of the strings fixing, but it seemed worth the effort to do them both while I was at it.

The pearls were super quick. Almost quick enough for me to think about making a new necklace for me, but truthfully my creative brain is still all washed out and not really up to making any decisions! Hopefully this'll be fixed soon though as I've got lots of craftiness planned for the kids and some fabruc arriving in a fews days. Half term needs a couple of days written off, but not the whole thing.

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