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Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Happy bum post arrived.

Another eco parcel was waiting for me and Sally when we got back from swimming this morning. It was especially appreciated after walking past the overflowing bins of plastic shoe covers for all those who can't be bothered to take their shoes off to go into the changing rooms.

This was Sally's reaction. Perfect photo capture I believe!

Lots of nice rolls of toilet paper to brighten up our cupboards - well some of it - Sally wanted to unwrap all of it right away. She also wanted to try it out, but I feel like that would be oversharing. Instead we stuffed our cupboards and then used the box to sledge down the stairs.

The idea of the emergency roll is brilliant - but it is rather confusing that it says only to be opened in times of extreme bum emergencies and there are three of them!

The cupboard also contains my enormous container of conditioner - which I have now used lots and fortunately like. It's not alarmingly brightly coloured as the herbal essences one I used to use became. I'm not sure how that branding decision came about, but it certainly contributed to losing me as a customer! This new one has a seaweed extract in it amongst other things and smells nice. It doesn't leave my hair feeling quite as silky conditioned as I wash it off as I am used to, but this seems to result in my hair actually feeling nicer and not getting greasy so quickly.

Back to the bums for a minute - you can't argue with a brand that does this can you?

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