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Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Something miraculous happened.

I discovered that Sally was actully helping me prepare dinner!

Pip used to hate the noise the blender makes - I wish I had a photo of his protest face, but we've been making a big fuss over him when we've used it recently and today he was quite excited and wanted to join in.

Pip is now walking, which is making life really fun. He'd been crawling for a while, so I didn't think there'd be too much of a step change, especially as he can still move faster on all fours than he can on two feet! But oh, I was wrong. Making dinner with him in the room is like some sort of an obstacle race. Every time I turn around he is emptying a different cupboard, looking so pleased with himself as he waves around a piece of crockery, or a empties the box of shoe polish.

Husband says it makes me into an old person. But if you can't have a glass of sherry whilst making dinner when there's snow everywhere when can you?!

At the start it seemed like all Sally really wanted to do was eat the cheese and breadcrumbs, but then suddenly I found she was dunking the chicken and putting them in the bread crumbs where I was coating them and pulling them out, and there was a system and co-operation and she was actualy helping! Horray!

It would be a happy ending to this story to say that she happily tucked into her dinner with glee and enthusiasm, having helped so nicely to prepare it. But this is not the ending. I had to bribe her to continue every few bites with the threat of taking her new wellies away. Pip has also discovered that it is fun to hurl his food across the room. He did at least try to help with the washing up afterwards though...

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