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It actually started out beautifully.

I woke up to giggles from Sally as she trundled out of her room. After working all hours with husband picking up the slack last week, and then pretty much falling over yesterday, it was definitely my turn to be first on deck. 'Please don't wake Pip!' I emplored silently, hoping the knowledge she might find an ipad a sufficent lure to come and find me and give me a few minutes to doze... Nope, the next thing I heard a squeak from Pip's room followed by Sally opening his door & shouting 'he's awake!' I confess I did not yet leap from my bed. Giggles then ensued as she ran

off back to her room to fetch toys which she threw into his cot. By the time I got there she'd even undone the poppers on his sleeping bag so he could get out. In fact, they were having so much fun I probably could have left them to it for a good while longer. But the amount of noise being created by this joy was more than I know I would have appreciated if it was my morning to sleep in, so a quick nappy change and we headed downstairs to make pancakes.

Sally was very helpful, she kept Pip supplied with grapes and toys whilst I mixed the batter - picture of her helping - and she even flipped a pancake for the first time. Breakfast was delightful.

Some faffing later and a decision was reached that we were going to embark on a family outing somewhere countrysideish (National Trust membership we love you). Boots were collected, snacks etc were put in the bag, at 10.45 we were a minute from walking out the door when a small alarm bell rang in my head - wait - what's the date today? Oh crap, what time is Adam's party? Adam's party is at 11.30. I'd bought a card last time I was at the shops, but no present.

We made it to the party - albeit 10 minutes late. WITH a present. I love HomeSense - they normally have an interesting but limited supply of toys, and when you're in a rush choice is not necessarily a friend. The nice man at the counter didn't stop me from using the cellotape dispensor to speed wrap the remote control car I discovered whilst Sally had fun pushing Pip around in the trolley. It was a tiny bit manic and after we got home after the party I did have to have a nap - but that might have been the 60 hour week. (Ok, so other staff did more than me by quite a lot, but I'm only supposed to work 4 days a week!)

And yes, I did brush Sally's hair before she went to the party!

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