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Quick and so tasty.

I've been struggling to write recently. It's not that there's nothing to write about - rather the opposite, there's been loads going on - it's more that I just don't seem to be in that much of a writing mood. I'm not quite sure of the cause, I could probably blame the heat which is growing more ridiculous by the day, but I'm not sure that's entirely truthful. I think it it more along the lines of it being the summer holidays and as often happens, when there is actually time to do stuff, stuff never actually gets done - or at least not the stuff you've been promising yourself you'll do! (Case in point, holiday in Devon remains unremarked on; the building of Ed's office as yet untouched; a book review half done; but today I'm going to write about making breakfast...)

This morning whilst wondering what I was going to do with my two heat drenched and exhausted kiddies for the day, I decided to make up a quick batch of muesli. Sally decided not to help once she realised I wasn't making chocolate cake, but Pip, who is always up for assisting by trying to break things or knock them on the floor, definitely wanted to get involved.

The recipe I use originally came from, but I pretty much throw things in until it looks about right and measuring things like coconut oil and maple syrup make more things dirty so I don't really bother with that!

It drives husband a little bit nuts that I like to keep things in big kilner jars - there are also a lot of little lock and lock canisters that stack nicely, but I do like these big jars. Unfortunately I can't justify a jar for absolutely everything I keep in the cupboard so somethings have to live in big boxes - this also infuriates husband as he thinks it all madness and doesn't know where things are. I'm not sure if he was in charge of the cupboard if it would all become one enormous undifferentiated mass or just be organised in a whole different way, but I take the line that I do most of the cooking and the shopping so I can keep things where I like!

I like to add the barley and rye flakes into the mix for a bit of extra crunch and flavour to compliment the porridge oats. The overall recipe I did today was something along the lines of...

- 5 cups porridge oats (I know I'm not American, but sometimes the cup is just such a convenient measuring tool)

- 3 cups rye and barley flakes - this was all I had left

- 1 1/2 cups sliced almonds

- 2 cups desiccated coconut - also the remainder of the bag that when I bought at one of the local Asian supermarkets I thought comically large and would never finish (the small bag I had bought at Tesco vanished somewhere between the shop and my house and the shops round the corner are brilliant value on things like that and big bags of spices or nuts)

a fistful or two of assorted nuts - almonds, cashews and hazelnuts all work well.

- 2 tea spoon(ish) cinnamon and the same of vanilla essence are handy at this point although not critical.

Mix together and pour over 2-3 cups of coconut oil - which in this current weather does not need introducing to the microwave to melt as well as 3 tablespoons of maple syrup.

Make sure everything is mixed together and put it in the oven. This much takes about 20 minutes to toast nicely at about 180º but you have to pay attention and stir it a few times otherwise the top gets burnt and the bottom is entirely crunchless.

When it is cool you can add all manner of other things that don't like being in the oven like dried fruit or chocolate pieces, but after experimenting a little I have realised I actually quite like it how it is.

Pip thought it all so tasty looking he went and got a spoon and tried to eat it. This was after he got cross because I offered him a sippy cup and not a proper cup like Sally gets. He really wants to be all big and do everything like her, but he does also quite often pour most of his drink down his front or over the floor so I resist as much a possible - however, he does have a special high pitched squeal/whine that quickly gets the better of me!

So, voila. Crunchy toasted muesli and you don't have to check the packaging to make sure you're not being sold palm oil, and a quick thing for the morning that makes it feel like I have achieved something today - there is no way I'm going to get the curtains finished this week.

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