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Updated: Feb 21, 2018

There were great plans to do all sort of wonderful crafts.... But then I was tired and we ran out of time and instead we just about managed to bake some biscuits before Husband got home from his travels.

This is the planned schedule: collect kids from nursery at 1 and get Sally to the hairdressers for a cut at 4. In the middle bit of time - go to hobbycraft to acquire heart shaped biscuit cutters and visit Tesco to generally feed the house, return home and bake biscuits with love and joy.

What a suprise, there was traffic in Reading and the 10 minute journey to the shops took at least 25, which was probably not that bad a thing as Pip managed to get a little nap. Hobbycraft had experienced a run on heart shaped cutters and there was only one large one left. Sally of course insisted on going in the lift, but aside from that, it was a fairly quick and painfree trip to the land of craft. Tesco was less fun. I find my child baffling when she tells me she's cold and yet refuses to walk into the shop. (Sometime the word baffling can be swtiched for enraging, it depends how much sleep I've had) Anyway, the long shot of this was that we didn't make it home until gone three and mummy was not super happy and in the mood to whip up a batch of biscuits in the 30 minutes avaliable before we needed to go out again.

I did it while they were eating dinner instead.

Sally helped mix the dough and cut shapes.

We used this recipe:

I have made it many times before, and on the basis of today's experiment, I think the recipe works better for small biscuits with a dusting of sugar rather than enormous ones that didn't get placed far enough apart on the tray and thus got squished and subsequently covered in icing.

Pip really wanted to help - he loves

climbing up to the work top and grabbing anything he can get his chubby fingers on. Here is it a lemon, which he decided didn't taste all that nice.

Slapdash bit of icing (the icing bag and it being all decorative and pretty did not happen this time) and some pink spinkles and hey presto. Valentines day biscuits, homemade ones - definitely impossible to confuse with the regularly shaped ones you can get at the shops.

Husband said they tasted nice though. I made him steak for dinner, that definitely was tasty.

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