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Any thoughts?

I've just culled a few books from the childrens' bedrooms - but now I find myself a little stuck with what to do next.

So - options:

  1. Take them all to a charity shop with narry a backwards glance.

  2. Allow the children to decide which books they would like to keep and which they would like to pass on to another child to love and enjoy.

  3. Hide them in my bedroom for another month to see if they ask for them... and then pass them on.

My inclination is for the first - or to offer them to a neighbour who has twins. I offered her a few bits about a month ago & then a call came out for supplies for Ukrainian families who had come to Reading, so they went there instead. This is cull number two - the last of the simple lift the flap books and a few others. They are all a bit simple now and don't get read - well except Pop taking piles of the Spot books to bed with him and stacking them up under the covers (he went through a phase of putting ALL the books in bed with him, fortunately this has passed). I think I probably ought to let him decide if he's ready to let these ones move on... but they've been in a plastic bag sitting in the hall for over a week and no one has asked any questions yet!

But what are the ethics of moving on their things without consulting them? If husband did that to my books on the basis of some hadn't been read for a while I would probably lose my shit and then find out how expensive it is to file divorce papers - is it different if I do it to the children on the basis that they're only 5 & 3? I know the answer is - that I should give them the power to decide for themselves & that it is an important character building exercise. It would just be so much simpler just to vanish them and then merrily lie when any questions are raised afterwards! But if I give them the choice I run the risk of all the books going back on the shelves and never being able to move a single item on again! Although, there is another potential problem that Pip will decided to be hugely generous and start trying to give away lots of other things too (this has happened before and letting him select things for the foodbank in Tesco can get expensive very quickly!).

They are also pretty - and every time I give away something is another bit of childhood that has gone forever. Cleo is three and there are definitely no longer any babies or toddlers in this house!

What of the books that are rather heavily loved? I love books - but I am going to have to send some to the recycling bin. Sally got this copy of Rabbit's Nap for her 1st birthday from our neighbours... seven years and three sets of children's bedtimes and there is no way this can be given to anyone. But to bin a book? It's almost as bad as throwing away cuddly toys!

And what is too trashed and where is the line? A little bit of damage to the corners? A crack on the spine?

Any thoughts?

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