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An really sweet and unexpected parcel.

I came across a box when I stumbled in through the door this afternoon. The afternoon had been slightly more frantic than I had anticipated, as I'd had to go to a different hospital for a midwife appointment this week - with Sally and Pip there was a clinic at my local GPs, but due to a lack of midwives and funding everything has been centralised. Except it still doesn't quite seem to work, and some of my appointment have been at a hospital about half an hour away rather than the one two minutes down the road! Not helpful, and whilst last week off work let my pelvis sort itself out and I can walk ok again, I am still eight months pregnant which seem to mean that I am tired five minutes after I get up in the morning.

I was expecting a parcel of fabric letters to decorate Orin's leather jacket with 'Sons of Dentistry' for Little Shop of Horrors which is err, next week and of course the costumes are entirely organised... But then when I looked a little more closely at the box it said 'Tasty treats inside'. Humn. I need tea. We had a fire drill at school this morning and between that and seeing the midwife it'd been over 4 hours since the last cup of tea. Normally the only reason for me to go so long between tea breaks is because I am asleep!

Sally helped me unwrap the parcel, and instead letters we discovered beautiful biscuits sent by one of my lovely friends in Glasgow. I think it is supposed to be a hint to get new pyjamas and sit down a lot more. They are lovely biscuits and a really lovely thing to get in the post. They also tasted very, very, nice with the long overdue cup of tea.

One of them didn't quite make it to the intended recipient though... any guesses who snaffled it?

I do occasionally send presents and cards, but this does remind me - when you've been feeling a bit low getting a thoughtful surprise is really lovely. And yes, hint taken, I persuaded Sally that it wasn't the best time for painting and that an episode or two of PJ Masks so we could both sit on the sofa for a bit was a better plan, and that is where we are now.

Thank you.

Oh - and no plastic. Excellent!

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