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Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Husband has not been impressed with how many times he's had to answer the door this week... but then he does say he doesn't have enough human interaction when he's working from home for the day, so in actuality I must be making him happy.

Today it was this! (Other things have been actual prints and frames to go in the living room, but that hasn't quite all come together yet)

After failing to find anywhere that would refil Ecover products remotely locally, I realised the solution was just to buy my own. This I did about 3 years ago and it has only just run out. I do a fair amount of laundry so I feel its lasted reasonably well. It's happy Ecover and I like the smell on the clothes. I don't wash the nappies with it though, I treat the advice of the Nappy Lady to be valid and she says no. The re-fill box cost £31.99 from the Big Green Smile website, it works out cheeper than buying bottles full price, but as soon as a discount enters the equation it makes the price rather less of a saving - however, £10 a year for most of my laundry detergent - thats ok by me and I know that I'm opting out of the extra plastic and recycling energy of individual bottles.

The conditioner is an entirely new adventure. Again, mostly prompted by wanting to have slightly less plastic parading through my house. Hopefully it'll be nice to my hair as there is rather a lot of it! If it is nice I might buy the shampoo too, but I have enough in bottles to last me a while. I did experiment a couple of years ago with making soap myself, I did make quite a lot of normal soap. It was quite good fun and the soap was pretty good, but I didn't get as far as making hair soap, there's lots of conflicting advice about the right recipes and getting hold of some of the ingredients is a bit of a pain when you have to pay for shipping each time. Whilst the process is quite entertaining, but it does take a while - and makes a lot more soap than I actually use, and its hard to justify practicing new recipes when you have an enormous stash already! Perhaps in the summer I'll have time to get the witches supplies (as my husband fondly refers to them as) out again.

Until then, I shall bulk buy where I can, but it is disappointing how few products are avaliable to buy in bulk and I find it endlessly bewidering that I every few weeks I buy products that could so easily be sold concentated but for some reason aren't. Being forced to buy the spray/pump each time is similarly infuriating. Couldn't I just have one if I wanted? Where do they all go? I can't imagine they're recycled each time and if they are then why - do they really need to be melted down and made anew or could they not just be USED AGAIN? argh. I did come across a company a couple of weeks ago that will post you your refills and assume that the bottles and sprays are just fine, I expect these shall be arriving at our house in due course...

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