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Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Time to start putting some pictures up in this house!

Step one: mask out some shapes on the paper - Sally helped choose where they needed to go. We did have a go at this a couple of weeks ago using regular masking tape, but the lines were too thick and it tore a lot as we took it off. So, this is attempt two using this stuff which is apparently for model making but seems to do the job nicely!

Step two: paint! I've been using little painting sponges rather than brushes as it's easier for big areas and it seems to create less mess everywhere as they hold the paint nicely.

Ok - I'm painting with a three and a half year old - so paint did go a bit everywhere.

(Step three: Leave to dry)

Step four: Peel off the tape - hopefully you have a nice picture with colours rather than brown splodges which is what happens if I leave Sally remotely to her own devices when painting.

We also managed a second picture with an H for Sally. (Sally isn't her real name, Pip isn't either - noms d'internet or something like that, I'm actually Robyn though)

I'm not sure why she's looking quite so worried by the orange paint in this picture.

Ikea frames & all ready to go up in her room.

Pip, as per usual, painted happily for about a minute before he started trying to eat the paintbrushes.

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