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Date night painting things.

I have an exciting new arrangement with one of my NCT friends. I watch her kids every couple of weeks so her and her husband can go dancing, and in return me and Ed get to go out too!

There's a pottery cafe in Twyford that does pottery evenings a couple of times a month - you get served wine and you can order in pizza to compliment your pottery painting fun. Something a little different to just going out for dinner.

Because her husband was on call that evening, we left my friend with all four children at my house eating dinner having showed her where the ice creams were stashed in the freezer and drove off to Twyford in the pouring rain.

The cafe was not hugely busy for the evening - there were a couple of tables in use when we arrived, and one poor chap

obviously waiting on someone who couldn't make it as he vanished after a while. This left Ed as sole male on the premises, weirdly pottery painting seems to be more of a female bonding thing than a date night adventure - who knew??

It took way longer than I expected to scetch out the pattern freehand, the original plan was to go all the way around, but I think it looks nice like this - the pattern is from an old photo of a mosque in Morocco. Ed's decided to add to his guitar collection - he doesn't have a red one - yet.

It was actually a really nice evening - it was fun to do something a bit different with Husband for a change and give ourselves a bit of a breaks from the small people. Who in fact had lots of fun without us - and we came home to three children in pyjamas, one in bed, all the toys not out and the kitchen tidied up. It was some kind of miraculous miracle!

I finally got round to picking up the glazed pots today and they're actually pretty fun for a couple of hours of mucking around with a paintbrush.

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