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I love having the new pictures up, but I want more!

It's actually really hard to take pictures of pictures in gloomy March. Our light fitting is also rather dim (another thing that needs rectifying) which doesn't help matters. It is so nice to have pictures up at last - it's only been about about four and a half years since we moved in... I also wanted to have quite a few to put up at the same time, time slipped. Anyway - Temple is Pergamon in Turkey from the trip I had to take in my Junior Honours year at Uni. I love that my course specified three weeks visiting ancient sites around the mediterranean. That particular visit was especially amusing as my brother was quite blonde at the time and there was a party of teenaged school girls there at the same time that kept giggling and waving and trying to get pictures of him. There was also a kitten at the museum.

Norwegian Hardangerfjord where me and Husband went on honeymoon when he was a brand new shiny husband and I made him climb up lots of really steep hills. We did get to eat nice sea food every evening though. The prints above are all from Artfinder. The retro geometric ones below I found on etsy. I am now banned from buying anymore geometric anything.... except all the curtain fabrics I like are yellow geometric patterns. humn.

Donald bought me the horsey print at Olympia about a million years ago and it hasn't been up since I left Glasgow so that makes me happy too. And the picture of Sally and Pip and Husband on a Dartmoor tor flying a kite on our first holiday as the four of us always makes me smile.

It's been a bit of a picture buying binge, but now I really want some more - especially as the main set seem a bit wonky and needs balancing out. I have my eye on some beautiful flower prints, but the next paycheck needs to arrive first!

and my beautiful 80's curtains.

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