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Sometimes you need to do a bit of crafting.

The children are at nursery today - its realistically the only day I'm going to get this week where I can get anything done, but sometimes the lure of crafts that you can do whilst watching the new season of the Santa Clarita Diet is just too strong.

Pip hasn't had an awful lot of attention lavished on his room. He has a nice decal with his name that my collegues got for us when he was born, but it is rather sparse aside from that. I made Sally a star garland for her room in January - and it took most of January. Once you've covered fabric in glitter fabric paint which is essentially like applying upvc glue with chunky glitter the sewing machine ceases to be friends with it. The needle has to work overly hard punching through the mess and the thread

gets frayed and needs rethreading all the sodding time, so I ended up sewing all the stars to the ribbon by hand, and that took just a little while. This on the other hand took some of this morning and I watched tv at the same time!

To start with you need to locate the pretty card you bought in hobbycraft a while back and choose some colours. Then cut out your shapes and work out a pattern you like whilst giggling at zombie antics. A sharp blade in your craft knife is also useful.

Enjoy having the living room floor to yourself and experiment with a number of different arrangements. Then after a quick tension check bung the whole thing through the sewing machine - sewing through card also makes a quite satisfying clackety noise.

Once finished you can hang it up (and enjoy cleaning out all the grub that's accumulated down the side of the cot) before deciding that maybe just one more garland is needed.

Repeat the initial steps with a short break to make and eat lunch without having to get up umpteen times to wipe snotty noses and get more cheese and drinks and any other number of things.

And now I probably ought to go and do some of those things that I will curse myself for not doing in the ample time afforded by the Easter holidays when school starts next week.

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