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This is what happens, at least when you're me and you're slightly daft to begin with.

This week there has been some sun, and some signs of spring, and whilst I convinced myself there were signs of the baby being imament earlier in the week, no more of that. So, seeing that it was going to be a nice morning at least, I thought we should pack a lunch and go on a little family adventure. It'd be the last one of us as a four - I cannot imagine for one moment if there is still a wriggling little girl in my belly next weekend that I'm going to be going more than 10 metres from my house!

So, Sally and I rolled out the remains of the biscuit dough and she picked fun spring shapes like rabbits and lambs and catterpillars (why do I have insect cookie cutters again?), a flask of tea, cold hot chocolate for the kids and a few sandwitches and we jumped in the car to go to Grey's Court.

We got out of the car and this happened. Bye bye children...

Anyone would think we keep them locked up in a darkened room. I put Pip on the grass (literally in front of the car) and went round to get Sally out, 5 seconds later when I walked round with Sally to the grass Pip squealing with glee in a headlong chargeand it didn't take Sally long to catch him.

Ed returned from showing our NT membership cards and I saw his face with the 'where the hell has my family gone' look on it. Answer, out of the car and down the field - and now you're back we can go - out of the car, down the field, between the gates, and through the woods, just like a page from Bears in the Night.

When we got to the big field at the top we went and sat on the big fallen tree and had our biscuits and chocolate milk and tea. It was when I asked a passing family to take this next picture that my phone rang...

we really need to get better at family photos!

It was my friend who now lives in West Sussex. I thought we had arranged for her to come visit tomorrow. Nope, she was calling from outside my house with her daughter - one of Sally's best friends, err, Robyn, where are you?

So, quick, out of the field, through the woods, between the gates, up the hill, back in the car, check my phone - 'see you SUNDAY' - I really never ought to be in charge of anything.

However, it did turn grey and overcast about 20 minutes after we got in the car and we had a lovely lunch with friends so it sort of all worked out rather well!

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