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But I think they'll still fit.

I'm waiting for the point in my life when I stop making random, idiotic errors. Not the sort of mistakes you make when you're trying out something new and you don't know better - the ones when you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing/where you're supposed to be going and you end up somewhere entirely different. I am beginning to suspect that this is just part of my nature and I should just get on with it. I could try and blame kids and being tired, but it would be a lie.

I used a Puperita pattern - I love her patterns. Whilst my mum taught me how to do some basic sewing when I was a kid and how to make curtains, I've had to work out the rest myself and clothes and patterns have always baffled me. I have made a couple of things before, but the coded way the instructions are put together has always put me off. Then a friend told me about Puperita - you download a PDF so you can cut it out as many times as you like AND instructions written in real, human English and accompanied with photos.

This is the pattern for some Harem type trousers - I like them a bit longer though so I cut them to the 18 month size and a 4 year old length.

Of course, having made these trousers a bunch of times, I didn't check the helpful pictures and pinned the wrong seams. This is a photo of me merrily running the wrong bit through the machine. Overlocked seams are a pain to undo, especially with stretch fabric - this is nice cosy french terry - and I figured the trousers had enough give in them to cut it out.

They do seem to look like regular sized trackies rather than skinny leggings!

Now I just need it to be morning so Pip can try them on!

Oh - and Mr Meow has forgotten how the cat flap works so sat and watched me

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