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This is the part causing the problem. This is the email I have sent to Mitsubishi - let's wait and see what they might do about it!

Dear Mitsubishi,

I was told yesterday that I need to get a second rear brake caliper replaced on my 2013 Outlander GX4.  I had to have one replaced last year, but as the car was still under warranty and thus not liable for payment I didn’t follow up the problem.  A year later and my car is again sliding slowly down the drive and creaking backwards as I buckle the children into their car seats.  I don’t want to think about what happens if I to park on an actual hill.  I am also currently waiting for find out from the garage how long it will take to get hold of the necessary part - last year it took almost 6 weeks for the part to be shipped into the UK, I really hope this is not the case again.

I have done a little research this morning and discovered that this is a problem that you are aware of as there is a recall out for the 2014-16 Outlanders and 2013-2016 Outlander Sport - so my question is, will my car be brought into this category for recall or will I be facing the almost £600 in parts and labour to make my car safe again?  I bought a Mitsubishi believing them to be safe and reliable cars - my father had a Shotgun which never caused any

problems and yet my shiny modern Outlander has had two failures that make it unsafe to leave my children in within 5 years of its manufacture.  My last two cars have been Toyotas - and one was recalled to fix a minor potential problem with a window switch, hardly a major safety issue - so how can it be that Mitsubishi are letting me drive around in, and then pick up the bill for an engineering failure of their own making?

Please could you let me know what, if anything Mitsubishi can do to help me on this issue.  You can contact me on this email address or my telephone number is ...

Thank you in advance, 

Robyn Kennedy-George

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