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Colourful crafting.

Seasonal events are starting to be a bit more fun now that Sally has an inkling of what is all about, but without too much of the excess (only a small amount of chocolate has been consumed!)

I poked holes in these, but we haven't got round to hanging them anywhere - Sally also gifted quite a few of them so we only have half a dozen left and they look quite nice as colourful little eggs on the bookshelves.

Like all craft projects with Sally, it didn't quite go to plan. The base colour phase went really well and I managed to steer clear of the usual problem of paint being mixed to brown. But my zenness clearly isn't sufficient to cope when stuff starts going everywhere, so most of the stripes and dots are me rather than her.

Pip almost got involved - idiot that I am I

thought I could give him a brush and he would waggle it and make some endearing smudges on one of the eggs. Nope. He refused to entertain this notion and tried to abscond out of the kitchen with a brush covered in blue paint, and his reaction to my trying to remove this brush from his tiny clenched fist was to smear paint all over his

clean yellow jumper. It was around this time that Sally started painting her fingers rather than the eggs and crafting with mummy came to a speedy conclusion.

However, they dried. We took them up to the yard to visit the horses and gave them to the lovely ladies that look after the stinky animals in all the crappy winter we've been having and it was nice to be able to give a

little smile. Pip has started yelling 'Ca' when he sees the cat and it was pretty adorable when he yelled 'Ca' at the biggest horse on the yard and patted him on the nose.

Then we went home and we went to the park with Sally on her new bike before off

to the grandparents for an Easter feast. Uncle Donald was there with his girlfriend who were also presented with eggs. Helen of Food Stories got the Mr Blobby one - I'm gutted of course that it didn't make her Instagram feed, but the picture of the Lemon Tart Dad made and Donald blowtorched did.

Given that it was her new bike, Sally really is a pretty good sport at sharing.

I think this little man is on a mission to see how quickly he can commandeer it for his own.

Uncle Donald on entertaining uncle duty.

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