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Pictures painted just two days ago and already on the wall? Wonders will never cease!

I think it all looks nice and really brightens up a rather dull wall in Sally's room. Husband also put some hooks in to hang these stars which we made in... er... January.

I saw some cute card stars on a blog that I found after being given Let's Sew Together for Christmas (can't wait until Sally is big enough to do some more of the projects together), and decided on a whim that we could make something like it for decorations for New Years Eve when some friends were coming over. But instead of making them out of

card, we'd do it from fabric and then cover them in glitter.

I started trying to do this at about mid

afternoon on the 31st - I'd cut out about

6 before we ran out of interfacing to stiffen them and realised that the fabric glitter paint was taking way too long to dry for them to be ready for NYE.

But they are finished, they are finally up and Sally at last has some decorations in her room that she helped make herself!

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