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Finding a way to celebrate at the moment is a little tricky - and it’s just got a whole lot trickier. But this little person turned four this week and he really ought to be celebrated a bit.

The plans for his birthday have been under discussion all year. He had a party at a soft-play last year, so there was a solid six months of chat about how he was going to have his party at Monkey Mates again.

In lieu of the party that was no-way going to happen - we planned a trip to the Science Museum - luckily I kept this as a surprise as the change to Tier Three for us and for London cancelled that one.

Then he started telling everyone that he was going to have SIX birthday partied. Really? Fortunately it’s been such a rubbish year so far as parties and outings have been concerned that I managed to persuade him that he’d had five of these parties. Having his party at his grandma’s house in Rugby was proving a bit trickier to come up with an answer for, but he seem happy enough playing with his new lego and has stopped talking about it quite so much.

  1. His friends sang happy birthday to him and he wore the birthday hat at nursery

  2. We had lunch with party food, a cake and presents at home

  3. We saw Grandma and Grandad and they gave him a present

  4. He went to his gymnastics class and they played some Disney songs and said Happy Birthday

  5. We took some cake to the neighbours.

2020 the year when putting some cake on your neighbours doorstep and then standing back counts as a party.

But my little boy is a cool one. Sure he drives me to the brink of insanity with his inability to answer the question he’s been asked and instead tells you some random piece of information that has no bearing on the situation under discussion, but he’s four so I’ve got to let that one be. He’s also got an awful lot better at his ‘Why?’ questions now - these are now mostly reserved for bedtime stories and are specific ones about the motivations of characters and their depictions. He definitely has a knack for spotting the missing information in the story and rarely accepts the work around I propose. Lawyer in the making perhaps?

He makes me laugh. He also gives amazing hugs and gives surprisingly good compliments. He’s sharp and witty and he can chat your ear off about all kinds of nonsense! I think his super-power might be that he can make friends with anyone.

It has been quite a year to be three. Hopefully a year to be four will be a bit more fun. He’s about to head off to the pre-school bit of school with his sister which he’s super excited about. There’s a bit more outside space and forest-school type activities which I’m hoping will make up for the cancellation of all the fun play-group activities he’d normally have.

Oh, and I'm going to have to change his name to Pop. His little sister can't say his name, so she's decided just to call him Pop. I think it suits him just fine.

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