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National Trust Adbentures. Sally used not to be able to pronounce v's - some of the slightly askew pronunciations have stuck.

Saturday was actually sunny in Berkshire this weekend. Sunny as in wearing t-shirts outside and still being hot. Whilst this isn't a completely unprecedented event for April, this year it came as something of a shock. Gardening ensued. Pip was less good this weekend at not eating the dirt, there was a plant pot that had caught a lot of rain this week (I think the poor magnolia probably needs a new home) Pip put his arm into the muck up to his elbow then got a trowel and tried to spoon it into his mouth. I say tried... I did manage to stop him. Mostly.

Three of the four raised beds are now in, along with some plants. But the problem with all this sun and gardening was that we didn't really play with the kids as much as we normally would. Sally got bit bored and we forgot to get dinner ready on time resulting in everything going sideways. Literally. Once she had eaten the things she wanted she emptied her plate on the floor. Ed made her pick up all the peas and I confiscated her big box of books and all of her hair clips. There is being cross with the children for being naughty, but there's also knowing you probably contributed to the disaster. So, today - Family Fun Time and adbentures to a places with mazes and playgrounds and cafes. Sally is very partial to lunch at a ca-fe.

The maze was fun - last time I was at Cliveden in the summer I went with my friend from work and we got totally lost. It took us ages to find out way to the centre and then even longer to find our way out - but the key point in this story is that we made it. Here is the photo evidence.

Ed asked why it took so long and why didn't we work out what the key to the maze was as though only idiots could fail. Apparently the reason we didn't find our way to the middle today was because he was just following me and Sally who were charging around like lunatics not paying any attention to where we were going. I'm not sure how highly I rate this as an excuse!

We then went to the rather easier to negotiate children's playground before the cafe for lunch.

The playground at Cliveden is lovely - it's storybook themed and there are lots of sculptures of characters from Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland and stuff. Unlike Waddesdon it's not on a massive hill in the middle of the woods so Pip was rather more free to roam.

I love how seriously he is taking his flight on the ladybird.

Also love these two.

Then to the Parterre. Cliveden really is pretty, even in the murky overcast April that we have reverted to after the single day of sun!

Sally decided to roll down all the hills and get soaking wet, it was fun.

And now it's Sunday evening and all the bags are packed for Monday and another week at school.

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