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It is finally time for this delightful object to quit residence of my kitchen. It has made brief forays into the attic on a couple of occasions since its arrival, but for the majority of the last six years it has been a fairly permanent fixture in my kitchen.

Really useful, yes. Enormous and a bugger to clean? Also yes.

Tomorrow (hopefully) someone is coming to pick it up to take it off to a new house for another child to cover it in spaghetti hoops. I am looking forward to having a bit more space in the kitchen - and as the littlest Cleo flatly refuses to sit in it anymore, it is somewhat redundant.

Size aside, it has been a pretty large feature in the kitchen since we got it. All three of the children ate their first porridge in it; fell asleep half way through meals or with a biscuit half way to their mouths; giggled at all manner of silliness; and covered themselves in pasta - additionally in Cleo’s case, developed quite an excellent throwing arm. She has become most adept at pitching spoons across the kitchen.

When I told him of its impending removal this evening, Ed asked me if I wasn’t a bit sad it was going. I feel like maybe I ought to be more than I am. There is part of me sad that my squishy babies are gone, but interesting small people have come in their wake. And thus I sent the buggy/pram next door to the neighbour who is having a baby in a couple of weeks yesterday and there is now a nice space in the hall where it used to be parked. I’m pretty sure I don’t miss the buggy (there is a little folding on in the car still) and I expect I shan’t miss the high chair either.

However, hilarity has been had - and here are some of the pictures I can find.

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