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A little bit of colour for the kids' favourite Aunty!

Life has been a bit chaotic of late. There was this nice lull at half term and then term started right back up again and kicked me on my butt. But this was a little project that definitely needed doing.

A is for ACE, because that is what she is. I confess this was supposed to be a Christmas present, but we only managed to get hand prints on one side and then time ran out. But this weekend it got finished. Sally helped me with the big bits and was in charge of choosing colours.

Now come a bright day in spring I'm hoping this will help sketching in the park or garden or somewhere nice like the sofa.

Husband and Sally vanished off to the garage together to cover it all in a coat of sparkly lacquer. Then it all got packaged up for a trip to see the family - Cambridgshire was mighty chilly - as is Berkshire today, we even had a bit of snow!

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