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Updated: Mar 13, 2018

Mother's Day.

This weekend was really lovely.

It was busy, and there was quite a lot of charging about, but there were also some very special moments.

Nursery helped the children make some nice little cards - Sally asked them to write 'because she loves daddy' on hers which is just too cute and she decorated a mini plant pot - we now just have to remember to water it and look after it so we can find out what sort of seeds Sally planted!

Husband came home with flowers and a book voucher and the completely traditional Gretch Mother's Day card. He has been pretty awesome recently at being my husband and as always being an amazing dad. Then on Sunday we went to my parents for dinner which was lovely - obviously flowers were taken with us as my mum is always there for all of us and we all love her loads!

But as much as flowers and cards are nice, it was the reflection they sparked that made the weekend for me.

For me the big thing that happened on Sunday was Husband hanging pictures. I've been trying to organise getting some pictures up in the house for a while - this weekend we put 11(!) pictures up in the living room, and it is lovely to be able to look up at the wall and see some of us. What finally went up and where it came from is another post - but - it leads to the point for this one. When I started writing this blog a couple of months ago, I wanted a place to look at what the family were doing; a space to see it outside the clutter of running to work and home and doing the laundry. It was January and I was feeling a little glum and I wasn't really sure I was going to have all that much to write about. Instead, I find almost the opposite. There is so much happening all of the time that I can barely keep up with it all. And I am sure that writing about it all is helping - enjoying it, noticing it and making it happen - I'm not sure how, but I like it.

I've remembered that I like writing. Last night I looked at the list of (I hesitate to say resolutions, but perhaps) aspirations for the first few months of the new year and I saw I've already achieved quite a few. Enjoy my role in the musical - it grew and it was great. Don't be too prescious with the Minotaur script - an important one to read I figured, as a meeting was set to go through corrections today. But there were so few! And has been sent to print! I braced as we got to the Minotaur creation myth bit, a mad bit of choral exposition with a lustful Pasiphae, a vengeful Posidon and a potent white bull. This I knew wasn't going to make it unscathed... and it all did.

I hoped in my list to build my relationship with Sally, to do more things together, and we have. She is still Daddy's girl and I wouldn't want to take anything from their beautiful relationship, but I think ours has grown again. Husband is in Finland this week and she really couldn't have been sweeter today, full of smiles and giggly chat and a long conversation about her birthday party which isn't for four months.

I hoped to write more. But 50 copies of my play are about to be printed and that is exciting - no one has read any creative work I've done since I was myself at school. I started writing this, and maybe I will even start the next chapter of my book. This blog is making me unexpectedly reflective, unexpectedly productive, and it just helps to remind me to be thankful for the lovely family and friends I have around me, and that when you throw yourself into things it can all be pretty darn ace.

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