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the only viable option to buy loose - the tomatoes

In December I bought for myself a set of Veggio bags. These go in my trolley when I go to the shops - which is generally Tesco - so that I am able to reduce the amount of plastic that goes in my trolley. I don't want the plastic. TESCO - I DO NOT WANT THE PLASTIC. But, here's the fun part, I also don't want to be shafted on price.

I'm not a complete idiot. I know that being an ethical consumer normally means my spending a little more in order to buy products that aren't pumped full of palm oil or wrapped in 8 layers of plastic so that they have a longer shelf life. But. This is the fruit and vegetable aisle. I really shouldn't be paying more here. Except that I am. If I want to buy my carrots loose instead of packaged up I have to pay a few pence per kg more and that its pretty much the same across the range of products. Not onions for some reason, but everything else it would appear.

Today you were discounting lots of your prepackaged fruit and veg. I want to be make solid, plastic free choices, but I also don't have an infinite amount of money to spend at the shops each week, and when you make it significantly more expensive to buy loose I can't justify it. So why Tesco? Why can't you price match your fruit and veg? You make us pay for bags at the checkout, but in the actual shop you actively promote the more heavily packaged options. Hypocritical bullshit.

And yes, before you call me out on my photos - they aren't all exactly like for like. But, you make it very difficult to compare precisely. I wonder if that is at all deliberate? humn.

So, answers? I have one. Be the better choice. Make it a positive option to buy unpackaged, help the environment and encourage your customers to do the same. Stop wrapping bloody everything in plastic and then charging for the privilege of avoiding it. It really can't be all that hard. I'm not asking you to entirely reformat your store to include the plastic free aisle that I'm sure was promised at one point, I'm just asking that the price for your unpacked fruit and vegetables is the same as that for the ones in plastic. You really can't tell me that's too much to ask.

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