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Updated: Feb 13, 2018

All the behind the scenes running around paid off.

The show rocked! I love the Cole Porter songs, and the acting and singing from our students was pretty good. Oh and the costumes? They were ACE, obviously. That said, I am a very exhausted person at the moment, but it has been a really fun week - I've been in a new position with lots of people looking at me to get things organised and make decisions, but it has been lots of fun being part of a new team. I know I spend a lot of time in the classroom answering questions and organising myself and student, but this has been a rather different kettle of fish. I've also been able to learn bits and pieces about hair and make-up - watch and ask questions and all sorts of new information can be yours. I have no idea if I'll usefully put any of it into practice before next years show, but who knows what is around the corner - Sally's next birthday invite might be to a flapper party rather than soft play. Unlikely, but it can't be entirely ruled out.

I was in two minds about volunteering back in the summer term - I knew if would be a sigificant addition to my work load for the period of the show, but I didn't know quite how involved I would end up being. I am so glad I did though, aside from all the fun with the actual costumes, it's been great spending time with the students in a different setting - especially those who I taught lower down the school and are off to uni next year - they've matured so much since I taught them and whilst it is exciting for them to go, it's still a bit sad we don't get to see them anymore.

However, once it is all finally done, I might be spend a bit more time having fun with the kids, and be able to finish a book again - so roll on the Friday Finale and then it's HALF TERM! (Oh, and then we can start thinking about Theseus and the Minotaur.)

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