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Happy families in the garden.

Ok, so this actually happened last weekend, but there has been a somewhat ridiculous amount of sewing going on this week which has taken over everything else. The sewing for the play was always going to be a little daft, but it has ended up being a little more than I bargained for! The plan was to do the screen printing and run the edges through the overlocker to roll the hems on the sides and then hand them over to other sewing people to finish the necks and stuff. This half worked, but one of my team fell poorly, and whilst her daughters stepped into the breach and finished the bottom hems, I got to do all the necks and shoulder pleats...

The overlocker has been a trusty friend in this crazy endeavour. I said when I first worked out the rolled hem setting that I wasn't going to bother with regular hems anymore - this isn't entirely true, but I have done a lot of rolled hem over the last few weeks... a quick tally says about 150 metres worth. But the end is in sight and I'll finally be able to put the machines in the cupboard for a well earned rest and tidy the dining room table.

But back to the joy in the garden. Ed bought Sally a new swing and also came home with some balloons - so much happiness! The pair of them charged around the garden throwing the balloons around and bouncing them off each other's heads with glee whilst Ed put the swing up. It looks like snow on the ground but it's just apple blossom - it is so nice to have some nice weather at last, the children love being outside, Pip especially and it feels all fresh and nice still.

I quite like this picture of my husband and an apple tree. He's pretty good really at fixing up all the things in the house and garden and with the exception of the increasingly wonky washingline, he is very good at making them all sturdy and straight.

Sally tries out her new swing. Pip tries to get knocked over as his trousers start falling down.

The swings are very popular at the moment - but most sweet for me is when you put Pip in the little one and set him swinging, he points at the new one for you to have a turn yourself.

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