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And a few lasts too.

This having a new number three baby is an odd thing. It wasn't until I had Pip that I realised that I really liked babies and I actually wanted a larger family than the two children I'd grown up with the idea was the 'normal' number. And, as Pip got bigger, instead of passing on all the baby clothes, I stashed everything, thinking about the possibly maybe of a third baby. The third baby is now here and I know that three is going to be enough. Perhaps if the world was a different place, if I didn't have to work, the climate and population weren't out of control, and if being pregnant didn't take nine months of getting bigger and bigger and all sorts of odd side effects, I'd consider making the family even bigger - but in reality, I think three is plenty of people to run around after and to limit the amount of sleep available to me!

So, the firsts: we've been out and about lots of places. I've managed to take all three children out of the house at the same time without either a nervous breakdown or losing any of them (ok, so I did have a gin & tonic when I got home, but I think that was fair). She's had a first bath, and a first cuddle with both of her siblings, she's met her grandparents and her aunty and nieces and her uncle.

But she's growing really fast, and for every first new thing it seems like there is a last to accompany it. It started in the hospital - this will be the last time I feel a baby wriggle inside me; this will be the last time I go through labour; this will be the last time a tiny baby will be placed on my chest - I tried a little harder to remember it and appreciate it through the fug of exhaustion and blood loss. A fortnight and a bit later and the first/lasts are rushing past. The little sleepsuit she's wearing in the photo was one of the first things I bought for Sally, it's my favourite of the new baby outfits - and that is the last time I'm going to put it on one of my children. She might still have skinny little chicken legs, but they're actually quite long and I've got to put her in the next size up. New first, other lasts.

Pip has been really sweet with Cleo so far. He likes to make sure she has a blanket (the right one, not one of Sally's or his), and brings her a little rabbit one of my cousins sent as a gift to put in her cot or next to her on the sofa. This is his first cuddle - first of many it would seem as he keeps rushing up and demanding to be allowed to cuddle baby - I think he enjoyed the experience slightly more than a little bit of a grumpy Cleo! He also rushes up to her every time she starts crying saying 'Oh, no, what's wrong.' It's heartbreakingly cute - hopefully this is the makings of his being an excellent big brother.

Ok - so I started writing this post earlier this week and then sleep deprivation set in and I failed to complete it. Cleo is now a whole three weeks and two days old. Today's first was a trip to the toddler group Friday Fledglings at MERL - I used to take Sally all the time when I was on Mat leave with Pip, and now it's Pip's turn to go. It's lovely, outside, waterproofs and wellies advised. Pip had a great time playing on the tractor climbing frame and splashing in the water tray.

So, first trip to MERL, but last trip out in the UppaBaby pram - this happened to the weld that holds the back of the frame together. Pram is now entirely bust. Many, many sodding expletives.

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