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I chose to set an earthquake in my heart;

The ground is shaky underfoot,

And momentary pauses give way

To unexpected aftershocks.

A stray thought brings the crashing realisation back:

I am sending him away.

Away into the sunset lands, where there is no night.

Except I don’t believe that,

I know I am putting the final punctuation mark down.

But better that than the other.

Two decades my friend, my ally

In adventure, sadness, discovery.

Now it is my turn to be his,

To make the choice almost harder than I can bear.

The earthquake will unleash a tsunami,

I will be swamped.

But he will be free,

To gallop and jump on feet made fleet again.

We will set him to doze under his favourite tree.

And when the waves fall back he’ll stand again,

Tall and untarnished in my memories.

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