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Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Its been a funny sort of day.

The snow came down softly over night so I woke up to the excited shouts of Sally charging through the house telling us all that it was snowy outside. But as it wasn't the end of days snow we had been told to expect we figured we better continue with our normal Thursday morning trip to Tesco.

Tesco was mostly normal, and the trip included all our regular games of which shelf is empty enough for Sally to crawl onto and hide, and how far round do we get before I have to start the bribery.

Later we decided to venture into the garen to try and make a snowman,I managed to get enough clothes on the children to avoid hypothermia. Pip was not overly impressed with welly boots and was quite unimpressed when he stuck his hands in the snow and discovered it was rather cold. But we ran around for a few minutes and failed to make a snow man - the snow was just too crumbly.

I think we managed to say outside longer than it took to get everyone dressed, but I didn't time either so I can't confirm it. Sally has new wellies which she was very excited to wear outside, having worn them pretty much non stop since they arrived - I don't quite know how my husband convinced her to take them off to get into bed - but instead of being a motivating factor to get everything on quickly, she just faffed even more than usual.

Pip is all decked out in her cast offs - I think I belived the turquoisy colour would work for girls and boys when I bought it. I'm not at all sure it suits him, but he's going to have to live with it... until he's big enough to wear the purple trousers and stripy jacket Sally is currently modelling! I did say she could choose the jacket when we came to get her a new one, she immediately selected a pink one - I had to modify my offer - 'you may pick either this stripy coat, or this one with stars'. It's all from Wet Wednesdays, the dungarees have kept Sally dry when she's lain down in a puddle, and the rainbow stripes mean I can always find her!

It was minus four even if there wasn't all that much snow in the end. Minus four, I discovered today, is not the answer to the question - how cold does it need to be for the postman to forgo shorts?

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