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We made a rainbow!

I saw a kit to make your own rainbow on instagram a couple of weeks ago and thought it seemed like a lovely family project. I'd also almost bought a made up one for Cleo a couple of times, so perfect - obviously.

Of course the path of the family project is never one that runs smooth so here goes.

The package arrived - we chose the option with most of the sanding done and Sally in particular was very interested. I made the fatal error of not putting the whole thing away though. The next morning I was warned by husband before I came downstairs that Sally had opened one of the packets of paint and not to be too cross with her. The packets of colour are sample size sachets & even though Ed suggested we would need to do it that day before the paint dried, there was no way there would be enough left - plus I was in a precarious and exhausted mental place (I seem to find this happens most on a Saturday for some reason) and the idea of there being even one more thing that needed to be done that day nearly brought me down in tears - not exactly the point of a rainbow project!

So, I found I could get another sachet of paint from a website called New Venture Products - they keep asking me to send a review, so here it is. I bought a sachet and you sent it in the post and it was the thing I asked for. The paints were Osmo wax finish wood stains.

Background done - the make.

Sally with her unbrushed hair and Pip with his hair in desperate need of a cut (he let me trim about 4 hairs at the back) were not overly enthusiastic about the sanding phase. We did only need to smooth the edges at the base of each arch, the rest of it was all smoothed already. Then I tried to be organised about mixing the paint and getting everything in the right order. There is just enough paint in these sachets. I got most of it about right except the purple - and there's no surplus to have another go at it. Sally really helpfully listed the rainbow colours and told me that we made indigo and that was just fine - thank you darling girl!

The colours actually dried better than I feared they would. The stain works nicely so you can see the grain of the wood and there aren't too many bits that are unbearably patchy. Not too bad considering children were involved.

There was a bit of shouting when it came to washing hands - they did supply gloved, but they were too bit for kiddy fingers so they just got mucky paws instead. A liberal amount of fairy liquid managed to get most of the muck off in between colours.

And finally - being played with this morning - though I do think pictures like this give a misleading sense of calm prevailing in my household, which is very rarely the case! But this morning, the memory of my shouting at Sally to just listen and wait her turn instead of shoving her brother of the chair so she could wash her hands seems to have faded - at least out of their memories and as I type this I can see the little rainbow on their table where Sally put it once Cleo was done clattering around the floor with it. There's an enormous rose bush in full bloom behind it and it just looks a nice thing. So, a nice thing we did this week; a rainbow we can put in the window if we choose; something they can all play with; a postive from the tenth week of lockdown.

Thank you Ash & Co workshops - if you wish to find your own rainbow joy, this is the website to go to!

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