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I haven't made this in a little while. It used to be a staple, cooked every week or so, but it fell off the radar - not sure why, it isn't all that much of a faff and it does the best left overs.

A tidy out a while back unearthed the recipe card I made back when I was in Glasgow (HPA = Hamilton Park Avenue) being a student. For a long time there were lots of nice folk at Roots and Fruits the green grocers on Great Western Road who would happily sell us all the vegetables for rather less than the 10% student discount should've garnered us, so we were quite healthy students!

Sally helped me make the pastry - I'm trying to get her to help out a bit more with cooking in the hope it might encourage her to eat more of a range - and with putting all the things in the pastry case.

We also saw the postman again today - I think he knew he had brought glee to the household; we saw him through the window carrying a sledge so we all charged to the door shouting like banshees. (He was obviously still wearing shorts - as did the HPA postie as I was reminded a couple of days ago by my old flatmate, but it did make slightly more sense in Glasgow with all the tenement buildings to troop your way up rather than our very rather flat corner of Reading. But only slightly, for Glasgow was generally rather chilly and often quite rainy too.) There wasn't all that much snow left, but there was enough to make happy kiddies in the garden.

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